COMA_music development

Music was a very important element in COMA. I wanted to portrait an odd atmosphere, which is basically the Alfreda's sensations while she is in this complex health state.
I worked with the chilean musician JORGE PUIG from the Royal College of Music in London. He is a very talented artist. We linked immediately about the emotions and sensations of the story: what we wanted to convey and what we wanted the audience to feel.
Jorge composed a very nice and delicate music played by a "celesta" (as the main instrument) mixed with no-traditional ways to play instrument. For instance some hits on the body of the piano, some noises produce by wet fingers over the edge, etc. Everything in order to carry our audience to an imaginary space and an unconscious time.
Here you can see some pictures of our music and mix session in the studio. That day we recorded the voices of the granddaughter (thanks my dear Domi!) and the Son (by myself).
The result is a nice composition. Very successful.

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