COMA model, rigg and lights test

I was struggling with my model and its rigg for a long time basically because I wasn't happy with the first version of my character. It looked too realistic and I was sure I wanted something more cartoony (closer to my own style).
Also the rigg (rigg=setting your character to move it) was a big issue because the character wears a gown and I was very stubborn to work with nCloth, a very advanced technique in Maya which allows you to wear your characters with cloths but which is a nightmare to be honest.
After 2 models and 7 rigged versions I was able to finish my character. It has worked perfectly well (so far) even by using a basic version of nCloth technique for her dress. Here you can see some pictures of the test with the first version of my character and downward some movies about my model, some facial expressions and a tiny animation test with the last version of the Alfreda, the character.

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